Upcoming "Goshawk's Grasp" release

"Goshawk's Grasp" is a big 13.2% imperial stout. It is named after the scar on my left hand from the talon of Mocha, the goshawk my dad had during my youth, who is depicted on the label. I have been getting a lot of requests to brew my imperial stout (pastry stout) base that you may have tasted in beers like my Great Maple series at Wakefest weekend, Festively Plump, Civil Predator, Yeah You Know Me with Magnify, and most recently Pastry Method with Moksa, to name a few. I wanted to make a special beer for the people who have enjoyed these past stouts, and I really went for it ingredient wise on this first go around with the Goshawk series. This beer has three pounds of roasted hazelnuts per gallon and a pound of Geisha coffee per BBL. If you know about the cost of those two adjuncts, then you can see why this is the most expensive thing I have ever made. I did not want to let the price of ingredients hold me back for this release. This incredibly dark beer was boiled for over five hours to achieve a very thick, viscous base for these lavish adjuncts. The result is a stout with an incredible aroma, filled with hazelnut flavor, vanilla, marshmallow, pronounced sweetness, light roast from the amazing coffee, both milk and dark chocolate cake, mild hints of dark fruit, and most importantly notes of pastries from your local bakery. This is not barrel aged, although a barrel aged version of it will be released in the future. This will fall under the "Fresh Ales" moniker. I will probably brew 4 or 5 non-barrel aged stouts per year going forward, mainly because it is what people request from me the most via e-mail and social media. Who knows what the adjuncts will be on future stouts of this nature, but they will all be special, never reproduced, and again only brewed once in a while. This beer is packaged in 650 ml bottles. The original artwork was done by the talented Spring Whitaker. “Goshawk’s Grasp” goes on sale Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 10 am pacific standard time via either of the links below:


Tickets will release on 4/24 at 10AM. Purchase a ticket to reserve your bottle.