What are they saying about Ocean's Eleven?

Here's an excerpt of what our friends at DDB had to say about our latest release...

"Horus is a maven of collabs and as a result of this far and wide Mendellian cross pollination, the genotypes have been varied.  This punnet square is entirely within his own juice breeding. A blend of 11 different strong ales can produced varied results, but sometimes those SD docking juices make wonderful stout/Life hybrids like Analsmith’s reforged, St Archer Tusk and Grain Series or the classic Melange 3 which is currently turding it up in East LA Liquor stores priced at like $36.00..."

Read more.. https://dontdrinkbeer.com/2018/03/10/horus-oceansides-11-is-tastefully-blended-so-pastryboiz-are-gonna-complain/