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Our "Oceanside's Eleven" release

"Oceanside's Eleven" is a blend of eleven different beers that were at least 9% Alc/Vol. aged in a Pappy Van Winkle barrel. The result is a complex 14% Alc./Vol. dark blended ale with hints of marshmallow, chocolate, vanilla, bourbon, oak, and dark fruit. This beer is very unique and like nothing else done before.

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Hop Culture feature: WakeFest Miami

February 17th marks the 3rd annual WakeFest, the Miami-based beer festival thrown by J. Wakefield Brewery in Miami, Florida. With 100+ brewers, food, music, and bottles of J. Wakefield’s own lauded beer, it’s one of the country’s premier beer fests, and an experience worth the pilgrimage. 

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Starting 2018 with a bang! Our friends at recently published this feature on us. Read more below..  "Kyle Harrop, founder of Horus Aged Ales in Oceanside, California, didn’t quit his day job when he opened the brewery. He says his job as an accountant is something he still really enjoys, and now he gets the bonus of also brewing on the side. You’d think juggling two jobs and a family would keep him busy enough, but in 2017, Kyle managed to pull off 55 collaboration beers with other breweries. He tells more about what drives his “collab alter-ego” in the video above. "

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The Full Pint Feature - Behind Boss Tycoon

Our Friends over at The Full Pint recently did a feature about our collaboration Boss Tycoon with J Wakefield Brewing. Here's some of the article:"Boss Tycoon, a 14% Russian Imperial Stout filled with the kitchen sink of adjuncts is the dream child of JWB and Horus. The base stout is a combination of different elements of JWB’s La Nada and Horus’ Harpy Imperial Stout. The adjunct-fueled stout was brewed to mimic the taste of Haupia Pie on the island of Oahu..." Read the rest here

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The Full Pint Podcast #53

We sit down with The Full Pint once again to join them on their podcast. We touch on a lot of different subjects.  Here's the description of the podcast from their site "Javi sits down with an up and coming barrel aged beer rockstar, Kyle Harrop from Horus Aged Ales out of Oceanside. We learn about Kyle’s transition from MAJOR beer geek to an owner and brewer of his own brewery. "

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